Our offering

At Synertec, we work with any format of information you need us to. We can transform content to match your requirements and deliver your documents in the way you and your customers need. We will always store your data like it was our own; securely. And when human intervention is necessary, we simply build an interactive solution that works for you.

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Our approach

Explore our approach

  • Archive
  • Our solution contains a simple and free archive facility that satisfies the requirements of most of our customers. For those who want or need documents to be archived into their existing systems, we facilitate this too.
  • Audit
  • We track every document through each stage of its lifecycle and will provide detailed reporting to meet every customer’s individual needs.
  • Workflow
  • Where human interaction is required in the lifecycle of any document, whether for quality checking, approval, editing or any other requirement, we will build a simple and intuitive solution to meet your needs.
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Our technology

Prism is a suite of intelligent tools focussed on bringing both order and flexibility to document control.

However complex the requirement, Prism interrogates every document and converts, routes and processes each one to precisely the desired outcome.

Installed on a server on your network, Prism simply works. One efficient, cost-saving solution, no matter the complexity of your unique needs.

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Solving business challenges

It’s precisely because we work with so many different organisations and businesses that we truly understand how different each challenge is.

  • Perhaps you need to remove the risk of human error from handling documents. As an example we can sort and automatically combine statements, invoices and credit notes for the same account into a single envelope or email, saving postage costs, and the recipient’s time.
  • The NHS often needs or is mandated to produce copies from a single original and route them to additional recipients, in different formats and delivered in different ways. Synertec does this already for the majority of NHS Acute Trusts.
  • In diverse multi-tiered organisations the challenge is control. Synertec will simplify and centralise processes, even across multiple specialist software systems, into a consistent and flexible solution, tailored to your exact and individual needs.
  • Organisations receive documents in a variety of formats and from multiple sources. Synertec automates the capture, storage and upload of information from these documents. We eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes and replace them with highly-reliable, fully-automated solutions, which also increase accuracy.
  • By design, our solutions that bring efficiency, automation and consistency to document control, also bring cost savings with payback periods as low as a month. The flexibility of our solutions allow delivery choices that precisely match the needs of you and your partners. Effectively, you save on every document you send or receive, with minimal upfront investment.
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Business continuity

We know that if our business is interrupted, yours is too.
So our resilience is critical to you.
Our processes are designed to keep your business running, no matter what.

We produce documents in real-time across multiple production sites.
This means that if, for any reason, a site can’t print, insert, or despatch documents to our high production service levels, we can instantly divert documents to another site, with no impact on you.

We control this from remote locations across a wide geographical area.
So you can trust our ability to keep you working and set industry-leading standards for service reliability.

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