We constantly exceed expectations by transforming captured information into precisely what you need to produce. This includes transformation of format, layout, content and output type. We frequently augment original data with ‘looked-up’ information from other sources, dynamically add electronic or physical inserts and often create ‘copy’ documents to support multiple functional requirements.


Our unique technology and decades of experience continues to help customers who are grappling with all manner of document challenges.

Amongst many other examples, we have adjusted the content of documents to meet complicated customer criteria. We have evidenced we can identify a location referenced in a document and integrate a suitable map. We have recognised content from documents in order to enclose a specific leaflet. We frequently determine the postage class for appointment letters by comparing ‘appointment date’ to the ‘current date’ to ensure urgent communications are despatched appropriately.

In all instances, the key has been our flexibility, because that’s what problem-solving needs.

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Our approach

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  • Archive
  • Our solution contains a simple and free archive facility that satisfies the requirements of most of our customers. For those who want or need documents to be archived into their existing systems, we facilitate this too.
  • Audit
  • We track every document through each stage of its lifecycle and will provide detailed reporting to meet every customer’s individual needs.
  • Workflow
  • Where human interaction is required in the lifecycle of any document, whether for quality checking, approval, editing or any other requirement, we will build a simple and intuitive solution to meet your needs.
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